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SmartVet is a web-based centre for Continuing Education to help members of the Veterinary profession further their expertise in their chosen field of interest, and to efficiently fulfil their CPD requirements.

Based in South Africa, it is primarily oriented towards the general practitioner in this country and CPD points awarded are based on accreditation by the South African Veterinary Council. Veterinarians from other countries are most welcome to join the site as well.

Eight Good Reasons to use SmartVet

  1. 1 Free credit given when you pay your annual membership fee.
  2. A personal CPD log record keeping system, in a format acceptable to the SAVC. Keep track of all your CPD easily and Email the form to the SAVC when required.
  3. All CPD requirements you have to fulfil according to the SAVC are catered for by SmartVet.
  4. Accredited CPD material can be done through the website in the comfort of your own home, in your own time without having to pay a locum or take time out from weekend or evenings.
  5. Course material relevant to the practicing GP. We aim to present topics that will be of interest to you. As the repertoire of courses, articles and case studies grow, you will be able to choose topics that interest you and get CPD points from them.
  6. There is a fantastic Unstructured CPD section, where you will find links to interesting reading material from all over the world wide web. Spend 2 hours browsing and award yourself an unstructured point!
  7. There is a useful classified advert section, that can be used to advertise within the profession for jobs, locums wanted or available, and equipment.
  8. News, events, and items of interest to the practicing veterinarian will be presented as well.

How to Use the SmartVet Site:

The site is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and navigating through it is very simple.

  • The first step would be to register your details on our database on the Member Registration page (register now), by clicking on the Blue Membership test tube.
    Membership costs one credit per year and you get 1 free credit with it, OP students can use their student numbers and veterinary nurses their SAVC reg number.
  • Veterinarians not registered with the SAVC should put their registration number with their own governing council/body on the form.
  • Once registered, the Members’ Area will be accessible and from here you will be able to view available courses, articles, case-studies, and your own CPD log. This is the page you will use most often and is password protected. Only registered members have access to it. Use a memorable password or write it down and keep in a safe place as you will need it every time you wish to log onto the site.
  • Also available from the Members' Area are Top Up Credit, Author Profiles and Unstructured CPD links. The courses on offer, can be accesed using credits. Credits can be bought for a nominal fee, that allows us to keep providing this service to you. Purchasing credit is easily done by clicking on the Top-up Credit button in the members area and visit the Shopping Basket where you have a range of options depending on how many credits you wish to obtain. You will need to use your credit card but rest assured we use Virtual Card Services as a payment gateway and it is totally safe and secure.

To view the Courses and material you may need a flash player:


to play the material in your web broswer

to view the files independantly of a web browser.

To check what version of flash player you have installed

  • SmartVet presentations contain varying degrees of images, sounds, or audio visual aids that help bring the content to life. (We have the reference notes available as an additional download but this contains only the text, not the images.) For your computer to play the interactive format you need to have either Shockwave Flash or Flash Player plugin installed. Shockwave flash allows you to open the files within your web browser and it will play there for you. Flash player will run the file independently outside of the web browser. Both these programs are available as free downloads and are easy to install. These programs are worth downloading not only for SmartVet content but for many other sites you may visit whose pages will be brought to life if you have them installed. If you are experiencing any problems getting these files to play, please contact us so that we may assist you in getting your computer to work for you!


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